Stem Cell Therapy

stem cell

Put the SPARK back in your life! Take advantage of a scientific innovation that harnesses the power of Umbillical Cord Cells to simulate regeneration within your body. Regenerative medicine physicians in Meridian are changing the paradigm of traditional medicine. While traditional medicine of the past have used drugs to merely mask the symptoms, the newest advancements in Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Therapy is directed towards creating a healthy environment in your joint while stimulating your body to assist in the regenerative process.

How Regenerative Medicine Works

The Umbilical Cord of a healthy live birth baby contains an abundance of growth factors, proteins, and regenerative cells (including stem cells). The cord blood is processed in such a way that all blood components associated with rejection are removed. When these growth factors, proteins, regenerative cells, and stem cells are injected into a damaged joint, they go to work to repair the source of pain. IL-1ra (Interleukin-1 receptor antagonist) immediately begins reducing the damaging inflammator components (Tumor necrosis factor-alpha, Interferon-gamma, ect.

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