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What Causes Osteoarthritis? Osteoarthritis is caused by the gradual deterioration of the cartilage that cushions the ends of the bones in your joints. As the cartilage continues to wear down, bone rubs against bone when you move the affected joint, causing pain. It can happen in virtually any joint in the body, but the most commonly affected areas are the knees, hips, spine and hands.

At our medical clinic, we use regenerative medicine to ease your osteoarthritis pain naturally and help you regain your quality of life.

Osteoarthritis Pain Relief

Osteoarthritis Pain Relief Meridian, ID

Treating your osteoarthritis pain naturally, without using pain medication or surgery, is the only way to get the long-term relief you are looking for. The pain and discomfort you feel are just by-products of the degraded cartilage, and simply covering up the pain will never address the real cause.

Regenerative medicine is an effective way to relieve the pain, stiffness, tenderness, lack of mobility, swelling and loss of flexibility associated with osteoarthritis.

We use cells that have been collected from the Wharton’s Jelly of donated umbilical cords after a scheduled cesarean birth. The mothers willingly donate their umbilical cords and both the mother and the baby are unharmed during the process. The mothers are also closely screened to ensure the highest quality cells possible.

We prefer these youthful cells to treat your arthritis symptoms because they are strong and potent and contain powerful healing factors that haven’t diminished with age like your own cells. These include proteins, exosomes, extracellular matrix, cytokines and more. These cells are still so young that they haven’t developed an immune system of their own, so you won’t have to worry about your body rejecting them.

When injected into your painful joints, they begin to repair and rejuvenate damaged cells and tissue quickly and efficiently to provide you with long-lasting pain relief.

Types of Arthritis

Types of Arthritis Nampa, ID

Osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis, but it isn’t the only one. Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease where your own immune system ends up attacking healthy tissues, organs and joints. In some cases, it can cause permanent damage to a joint.

After an injury like a fracture, torn ligament or tendonitis, you may end up with what is known as post-traumatic arthritis. This type of arthritis often occurs in a hand, elbow or wrist.

The skin disorder known as psoriasis can also affect your joints, creating a condition called psoriatic arthritis. If you have osteoarthritis or one of the other common forms of the disease, we have treatment programs that are right for you.

Stop suffering from the pain of osteoarthritis and take the steps necessary to reclaim your life. If you live in Boise, Nampa, Meridian or nearby Idaho communities, come into our medical clinic for a complimentary consultation. When you call (208) 887-6791 today, we will create a treatment plan designed to alleviate your arthritis pain and get you back living your life without limitations