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How to Relieve Joint Pain

There are many effective treatment options for joint pain relief. But in order to treat the pain at the source of the issue, first we need to determine the cause.

When we think about joint pain, most people think of problems resulting from diseases associated with aging, such as osteoarthritis. But there are many other causes for severe joint pain, including:

  • Injured tendons
  • Injured ligaments
  • Injured muscles
  • Damage to soft tissues surrounding the areas
  • Bursitis
  • Fibromyalgia

With such a wide range of underlying causes, joint pain can be difficult to treat. Depending on the area, traditional full replacements or other invasive surgeries have been common methods of addressing joint problems, or prescribing medications that simply mask the pain and can have other side effects and create dependency issues.

Recent advances in medicine have made it possible to treat pain at the source without any trauma to the body or long recovery times. It is possible to have real pain relief that lasts without surgery or powerful medications.

Non-surgical Alternatives to Relieving Joint Pain

Non-Surgical Alternatives to Relieving Joint Pain Meridian, IdWhile it is certainly important to maintain an active lifestyle, avoid sedentary activities, and keep joints healthy through stretching, sometimes this just isn’t enough. If you suffer from arthritis or another disease, or have endured a traumatic injury to a joint, the tissues can suffer lasting damage that must be addressed or the pain and immobility become chronic. We have treatment methods that can help spur the body’s natural healing process to repair and renew damaged tissue.

Advanced Biological Therapy utilizes a serum containing growth and healing factors and when introduced to damaged areas, encourage tissue to begin a process of renewal and healing that replaces the damaged cells in the body with new, healthier cells, providing relief from the underlying condition.

Platelet-rich plasma therapy involves extracting a sample of the patient’s blood to create a solution rich in the body’s own healing factors. By concentrating the number of platelets in the patient’s own blood and introducing them into a damaged area of the body in a targeted way, this process encourages the same type of healing and renewal that your body undergoes after any type of injury, but in a far more directed approach.

Before you decide on a treatment for pain relief, make sure you know all of your options. There are effective, alternative ways to treat the actual cause of joint pain and heal the surrounding tissue, rather than just masking the pain with medication or resorting to invasive surgery.

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