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Hair Restoration

What is hair restoration? Hair restoration is the process of stimulating new hair growth in individuals that have experienced hair loss and the process of thickening thinning hair. We use platelet-rich plasma therapy as a non-invasive hair restoration procedure to combat hair loss that may have been caused by a variety of different reasons. If you are balding or your hair has become noticeably thinner, get in touch with us, and we will assess your scalp to determine if our all-natural hair restoration treatments are right for you.

Why is My Hair Falling Out?

Why Is My Hair Falling Out? Meridian, ID

There are several different reasons why your hair may be falling out. The most common cause is genetics. If you have a family history of baldness and thinning hair, then there is a good chance it will happen to you, too.

Some of the other reasons for baldness and thinning hair include taking certain medications or supplements, hormonal changes, specific medical conditions like diabetes or lupus, losing a significant amount of weight, or going through a particularly stressful event.

Even though each one of these situations differs from the next, the result is the same, and finding a natural solution that works is crucial.

Hair Restoration Treatment

Hair Loss Treatment Nampa, ID

What makes our hair restoration treatments stand out is the fact that they are all-natural and far less invasive or risky than many of the treatments currently being used. The specific treatment that we use is called PRP, or platelet-rich plasma, therapy. PRP therapy is effective for hair restoration for men and women.

This treatment begins with a small sample of your own blood being taken. Then, the sample is placed in a centrifuge, where it is spun at high speed. This action separates the platelets and the rest of the blood components, and it is the concentrated platelets that are used to help restore your hair growth. After being spun in the centrifuge, the solution contains up to five times the number of platelets than before the process began.

Hair Loss Treatment Boise, ID

At this point, the platelets contain powerful healing factors that will signal the cells in your scalp to multiply and regenerate when they are injected, increasing the circulation to your scalp in the process. After the treatment, you won’t have to worry about downtime or adverse reactions, and you can just get on with your day.

If you have experienced hair loss and want an all-natural, non-invasive solution that works, our hair restoration treatments are the answer you’ve been looking for. In the Boise, Meridian, or Nampa, Idaho areas, just give us a call at (208) 887-6791 today to set up a free consultation. We will assess your hair loss and create a treatment plan to help you get the results you deserve.