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At-home Exercises That Can Help Reduce Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain can affect many people at any age. It can range from mild pain to much more severe and debilitating pain. Thankfully, there are daily exercises you can do at home that may help ease your sore shoulders.

Stretches for Shoulder Pain Meridian, IDPosterior Capsule Stretch – The posterior capsule of the shoulder, or the rotator cuff, is made up of all sorts of different components. To stretch these, begin in the standing position. Bring the left arm across the body, and grab that wrist with the right hand. Gently pull the arm towards the chest and hold for about 30 seconds. Begin in the starting position and stretch the right arm.

Standing Wall Stretch – To loosen tight shoulders, begin in the standing position against a wall. Take a step back from the wall, about two feet. Keeping your palms flat on the wall in front of you, slowly bend the knees and look down at the ground. Take a few deep breaths in and out. Lastly, gently raise the body back into a standing position. Repeat as needed.

The Child’s Pose Stretch – This stretch is best for opening up the shoulders and lengthening the spine. Begin on the hands and knees, with the forehead on the mat. Then, while keeping the palms flat on the floor, stretch both arms as far forward as you can. Hold this pose for 30 seconds, return to the rest position, and repeat.

Shoulder Circles – To prepare the shoulders for heavy lifting or to help ease stress throughout the day, this stretch is a great way to increase the shoulder’s range of motion. Begin this stretch in the standing position. Bring both arms above the head, and rotate them simultaneously in a large “O” motion.

Severe or Chronic Shoulder Pain

For more serious cases, seeing a chiropractor or receiving professional care may be required to truly help dispose of the shoulder pain someone may be experiencing. To learn information about other pain relief options available for you or a loved one in Boise, Nampa, Meridian, or any surrounding area in Idaho, call Advanced Regenerative Medicine of Idaho at (208) 887-6791.